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French Language Tutoring & Training Opportunities

French is a Romance language, which is part of the Indo-European family. It originated from the spoken Latin of the Roman Empire, as did other languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and others. Today, French is the official language in 29 countries, most of which are members of the International Organization of la Francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries.

French is spoken as a first language in France, Southern Belgium, Western Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, certain parts of Canada, many sub-Saharan African countries, North Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. French is one of the very few languages spoken all over the world, and on all five continents. It is ranked the sixth most widely spoken language after Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic. French is estimated to boast over 220 million speakers worldwide, a number, which according to demographic predictions by la Francophonie, is set to rise to 700 million by 2050.

French has a long history as an international language of commerce, diplomacy, literature, and scientific standards, and is one of the official working languages of many international organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Olympic Committee, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and FIFA among others. An international language of reference, French is taught throughout the world and is the second most widely learned foreign language, and unequivocally one of the top three most useful languages for business.

At FLP Bridge, to learn a new language is to acquire another way of exchanging information and sharing thoughts and opinions with others. An inseparable part of the language acquisition process is the awareness of a new culture. People from other countries may not only speak a different language, but they also think and react in ways that differ from yours, ways that may seem strange at first. Through our French learning programs, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the French speaking community, its geography, history, cultural values, beliefs, traditions and people.

Our instructors are native French speakers with high qualifications and a deep knowledge of the language. They will work with you on your personally tailored French lessons in a one-on-one setting. Our programs focus on in-home French courses that provide flexible scheduling in the comfort of your home or any other location of your choice. We also offer groups sessions that can meet at local schools.


Through our programs, we will help you master French through:

  1. Helping you identify your goals and objectives;
  2. Understanding your unique needs; and
  3. Designing a custom-made curriculum to get you on track to meet and exceed your expectations.



Contact us so that we can help you learn French, develop and improve your skills.