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French translation services

French Translation Services

Translation is the conversion of written text from one language into another without a loss of meaning. While the terms “translation” and “interpretation” are too often – and, incorrectly – used interchangeably, they should not be substituted for one another. Translation strictly refers to written language and interpretation to spoken language.

A well-produced translation should clearly convey meaning with accuracy and completeness, remaining true to the original text. Free of spelling or grammatical errors, the translation should read as smoothly as the original. This underlines the need for the translator to understand the source language and the culture of the country from where the text originated. Most importantly the translator shall equally understand and know the target culture, and write well in the target language.

A good translator, regardless of his technical or subject matter expertise, may have some limitations as to how well he can express himself on that subject matter in both languages. It is not just the accuracy of a translation that matters to a client, but equally the cultural localization that only experienced native translator understands and can convey. Thus, this requires him to only translate into his native language.

This is the reason why we do not claim at FLP Bridge, like other companies out there that we do it all. We have made it our commitment to stick to what we know and do best, policy, and to only translate into French, using translation software, a library of dictionaries and reference materials to tackle the project at hand, while observing accuracy, completeness and consistency to convey the nuances and true meaning of the original text.

French translation services

At FLP Bridge, we specialize in policy-related translation. We cover international relations topics, including, but not limited to, human rights, elections, conflict, politics, governance, development, economy, society, civil-military relations, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants, peacekeeping, refugees and displaced people, terrorism, and security sector reform, among others.

Whether your project is under 100 words or over 10,000 words, and regardless of its format, we can provide you with a prompt and accurate English into French translation from a qualified translator and native speaker of French. FLP Bridge provides an unparalleled versatility of work products, including cover manuals, brochures, memoranda, reports, contracts, legal documents, magazine and newspaper articles, research papers, handbooks, standards of operating practices or procedures, instructions guides, books, educational materials, correspondence, and personal documents (e-mails, education transcripts, birth, marriage and death certificates, etc.).

Our priority is to deliver precise, accurate and consistent work products catered to the client’s timeline and needs. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services while guaranteeing confidentiality and value. Our company’s success is built on delivering the best quality French translation services at fair prices and a superior customer service. We can arrange delivery in person, by email, fax, courier or regular mail.

FLP Bridge translators make available to you their high qualifications, experience and extensive knowledge. We maintain a rigorous quality control process for all our translation projects, which ensures your organization’s productivity, effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately its success in local and global multicultural markets.

Translation costs depend primarily on the type, length and level of complexity of your document. Quotes are provided promptly and free of charge only after we have thoroughly analyzed the document. Our rates are determined by word count, technical nature of document and project time frame. We charge between $0.15 to $0.25 per word and $35 to $50 per page. Our hourly rate is $90 to $100 for about 650 words. A minimum fee of $45 may be charged for certain document types.

As an example, depending on your needs and the type of document or its complexity, a short document (one to two pages) can take on average three to six hours to complete, and a 10,000-word document may cost you between $1,500 and $2,500. Factors that can determine cost or affect turnaround or delivery time may include length, level of difficulty and method of transmission of original document.

Please contact us today for a free quote and learn how we can help you meet your French translation needs.